Carpet Re-Stretching

Restretch and tighten your carpet to give it new life

An elegant carpet is a fine thing to see when you enter a room, so it’s sad to look at it when it’s become all buckled and lumpy. Like wrinkles on your face, you notice these imperfections and they have a way of looking worse over time
Don’t worry – the problem can be easily solved by ” call the frofesional carpet stretching mean JZ “!!

Getting professional carpet re-stretching help

Even if you take good care of your carpet, it’s likely to get loose over time and lose some of the good looks it had when new. With constant walking and pressure, the fibers stretch and you start noticing the difference. You have to be careful by how much you stretch your carpet, since overstretching can ruin it! That’s why calling a carpet re-stretching expert like JZ is so important.

How carpet re-stretching works

We ask ours costumer starting by removing everything from the room that can restrict the free movement of the carpet before we arrive to restretch your carpet. Generally a wall-to-wall carpet will have gripper rods along the edges that hold the carpet backing and keep it tight. The expert releases the carpet from two sides. He then uses a power stretcher and knee kicker in one direction (say, North to South) to give the carpet that look of tightness. The carpet is regripped on the gripper rods. He then repeats the action in the other direction (say, East to West). Now the carpet restretching is done and all the wrinkles have been removed.
Having a tight wall-to-wall carpet gives it new life, as well as making it much easier to clean. Then you will get years of extra use out of it.

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Katy, TX

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